Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trying to impeach Obama? About sodding time.

Finally got word that folks in Congress have decided that our current president has stepped a bit far out of line what with stomping on the rights of citizens like a carpet and spending ohmygoshareyoukiddingme-illion dollars daily, and are now trying to impeach him. They should have tried doing this during his first four years with that whole unconstitutional health care thing, but better late than never.

What amuses me is how wounded and surprised Obama and the democrats act at this thing. They wring their hands and say that they are now being punished for working hard and trying to do their jobs and why can't those meany weanie republicans focus on solving problems instead of being all cranky and pointing fingers. Of course, by problem solving the democrats mean shutting up and allowing more taxes to be laid out and approving other nonsense programs, and instead doing the smart thing and digging in their heels so that we don't run headlong over a sodding cliff. Well, what the heck did you expect you numbskulls? You've created a festering quagmire of problems and then started shoveling corpses into it, and now that people want to actually stop making the situation worse you whine and cry about people being unfair?

Speaking just from personal experience, ever since Obama took office my family was booted from our house, my dad lost his job, we've scrounged for food and fought daily to keep things running, and it is only through the love and care of our friends and church that we haven't resorted to eating our own pets to survive until the next day. In my short life span I've quickly learned how to detect when someone is actually skilled at something and is being sabotaged, and those who are just plain incompetent. I may be a low skilled laborer at the moment, but I can sniff this stuff out quickly.

I can say without a shred of doubt in my mind that Obama is the most incompetent, ignorant and pathetic excuse of a president in the last century. If that weren't bad enough he has shown outright contempt for the lifestyles and beliefs of many Americans. Things like faith, independence, protecting themselves, having freedom of choice, having nice things, all are things he has seemingly systematically attempted to eradicate from our lives. The man has fought viciously to pound the Second Amendment into oblivion and failed. I'm quite proud to count myself among the many people who foiled his attempts and then fed upon his tears as he pouted, wondering why all of us foolish peasants didn't bow and go along with his plans.

Maybe because we sodding know what's better for us than you. Anyway, that whole Obamacare thing has been an absolute debacle, as many of us conservatives said it would be. Freaking called it! But he rammed it down our throats anyway, and after treating the Constitution like toilet paper republicans are finally standing up and trying to oust this unbelievable failure. It'll take awhile for the paperwork to go through, sure, but this guy has to know that us citizens mean business. We aren't going to just fold up and follow along with his crazy schemes just because he holds an office and he said we should obey. We aren't subjects, we are citizens with opinions that can't be ignored. These dupes in office need to remember just who is in charge of this country, and that is We The People.

Now, Obama getting booted will just mean that Biden will assume the chair, but frankly I'm sort of okay with that. Well, not okay, but I'm willing to accept the consequences. Biden is a drooling moron and every time he opens his mouth he makes me feel way smarter than I actually am. I then get depressed because someone that dumb could actually get that far in life without swallowing their own tongue. But these people need to learn that they can't do whatever they wish and not suffer any consequences. Besides, I'd far prefer the impeachment process to any violence, which that twat seems just fine with stirring up.

And don't even begin whining about how this will cost millions of dollars for court stuff. Obamacare alone costs more than any of us will ever see in our lifetimes and do very little actual good. Need I mention that whole stimulus deal awhile back? Y'know? About one trillion dollars down the drain and nothing to show for it? Crap, if I'd been trusted with ten grand and wasted it like that I'd be flogged! And I'd deserve it! This is whole deal is pocket change by comparison. So stimulus? Fine. Obamacare? Fine. Impeachment to stop spending money like a drunk gambler with unlimited credit? Settle down there!

Feh. Let's get this thing over with quickly. We need to set a landmark about what happens to those who stomp on our freedoms.

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