Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Shaman of Dread is online now!

Primal Frontier: Shaman of Dread is now available for purchase! For only 2.99 you can read the paleo weird western novella on Amazon Kindle!
Please purchase and spread the word so that I no longer have to live on Poptarts and Ramen. ;)

Here is the premise!
Dread has fallen over the settlement of Broken Arrow. The beasts are behaving strangely and the hostile natives are sharpening their knives. Men are being killed and homes are being mysteriously destroyed. The settlers, desperate for assistance call on Ansgar Tapio, the famous bone hunter, to find out what is happening and to stop it. Initially believing it to be frontier superstition he soon discovers that matter are far worse than he imagined. The hunter soon clashes with a mysterious shaman who is reputed to bend the animals to his will. It is up to Ansgar to slay the shaman and stop a massive territory war from erupting throughout the region.

You can purchase here!

Sorry for the craziness surrounding this project as of late. Things got confused, and when Kindle says it can take up to 12 hours for a book to go up, apparently that means fifteen minutes, so my timing was a bit off. Live and learn!
Also, I have no idea why the copied text for the premise is like that. I am not a technical guru, so I mostly have to work through trial and error to make things work. It's about 90% error, 9% praying and 1% progress. So please bear with me as I stumble through the workings of computers like a drunk hippo in a bouncy house. In the meantime, please help my work by purchasing, reading, reviewing and letting others know about it. All such efforts are much appreciated! :)

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