Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why is this man not in prison?

I am wondering quite often lately why Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the Department of Justice, has not been arrested. Most of you probably heard how a few years back the ATF was involved in an operation known as Fast and Furious, which did not involve high speed car chases, although in all reality it should have. You see, that group thought it would be a dandy idea to fight the cartels down south by telling gun shop owners to sell their weapons to known gun runners. At first the owners thought these greasy looking guys that were not native to the US were a wee bit suspicious and reported them, but instead of being given a pat on the head for actually doing the right thing, the ATF told them to get with the program and illegally sell the weapons to the gun runners anyway.

The store owners couldn't very well say no, because the ATF is the group that gets to say if they can have a store or not. So, obviously, the way to help put a dent in the violence down in Mexico is to arrest guys who they know darned well are illegally importing weapons for terrorizing citizens and fueling chaos, right? If you came to the same conclusion, then give yourself a pat on the back, because you are officially smarter than a number of people working in the government. Instead of arresting these dudes on the spot, the ATF virtually escorted them over the border, knowing that the guns they had would be used for Not Nice Things.

As you may have guessed, a truckload or two of weapons in the hands of violent Mexican drug smugglers wasn't exactly the key ingredient to a peaceful relations, and as a result a US Border Patrol officer was killed, but even worse, several hundred Mexican civilians were also killed with the smuggled weapons. This is what is known in technical terms as "A huge cluster****." Not only did the plan fail to catch a single bad guy, but directly resulted in getting people killed in two different countries, but also dragged plenty of other people into the affair. Basically it was a debacle, and I'm stunned that anyone thought that "Give guns to bad guys and don't arrest them" would somehow turn out well. These are the people we're paying folks.

In reality though, I genuinely believe that this was an attempt to make the bogus statistic of "90% of all illegal Mexican guns come from the US." First off, that thing is complete BS. Not all of the grabbed guns were even scanned. Many had no serial numbers at all, meaning that no one knows where the majority of the weapons came from. But that fact gets in the way of the Fed spewing out anti-gun hate. That aside, a few brave men within the ATF blew the whistle on this operation, and were promptly punished for daring to expose a completely failed and immoral operation. I salute those men and hope that they find better employment.

That being said, investigations were actually launched for once, and following the bread crumb trail they found that this entire plan led all the way up to Eric Holder. When demands were made that he turn over files to see who said and did what, he basically refused. He is now being held in contempt of court. Basically, he flipped the justice system the bird and keeps on doing whatever it is he's doing.

Okay, why has he not at least been relieved of his duties? I've seen people at fast food places get fired for less. And none of those involved helping cartel agents smuggle hundreds of guns into a drug war. This is kind of a frigging big deal. Someone in our government approved a plan that directly led to hundreds of deaths of civilian Mexicans just trying to make it from day to day without being shot. Because, you know, they don't have it hard enough already. If Eric Holder were a conservative he'd be accused of state-sponsored genocide. He had flat out refused to give up all the files related to this little picnic and he still has his job. Why!?!? Why has this man not been booted out and ostracized?

Good grief people! This is despicable. The main news outlets might forget the hundreds of people dead as the result of this operation, but not me. I want some justice dangit.

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