Thursday, July 3, 2014

I don't think that's as bad as you think it is

Saw this in my inbox here recently, and there is quite a bit of fuss over it, so I thought it would only be right to throw in my two cents since I know quite a bit about the subject.

Hunting in Africa isn't as simple as some think. When they say "Hunting Endangered S...pecies" you have to understand that this is a very misleading term. The way the Endangered Species Act works is that if an animal in one territory has a dangerously low population, then the entire species is declared Endangered.
Basically, the way it's rigged, humans could be listed as Endangered.

Absurd you say? Well, look at how many humans are at Antarctica. Hardly any. Ah, but you say that there are BILLIONS of humans elsewhere! And you are perfectly correct! And thus you see the flaw of the ESA.
Some animals are dangerously low in population in one area, but in another there might actually be way too many! Which is why you sometimes see that someone hunts an endangered animal. But you know what else? To hunt those you have to pay an absolutely absurd fee for a tag. The numbers reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. And you know where that money goes?

Straight to protecting that animal. All of a sudden the local governments have the money and incentive to throw rangers out there to crack down on poachers and make sure there is enough food to keep the animals alive. Not to mention the money you have to pay for your professional guide and staff, which provides very stable and well paying jobs for Africans in third world countries.

Some scathe this young lady on the grounds that she doesn't eat the meat that she gets from these animals. Well, how do you know? How do you know she doesn't eat any of it? But what I can tell you is that if she doesn't, then all of those local Africans who are a bit low in meat will get it. There are actually programs that see that every bit of various animals are used to keep the people fed with that surplus meat and the hides used for other stuff.

So in reality, she's actually helping out a LOT of different parties. From what I see this young lady is going out into some of the most harsh territory in the world, hunting some of the most dangerous animals alive on foot with a rifle. She's got guts, and instead of chewing her out as some no-brain pretty girl, we should be cheering her on for doing what women have wanted to do for centuries but were held back due to social constraints.
You go girl! Show all those arm-chair tough guys and snooty women what a truly strong woman can really do!

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