Wednesday, December 5, 2018

For Airship and Steampunk Fans

If you take even a casual interest in the history and usage of dirigibles you will inevitably come across cargo loads of information that is oft repeated, and necessarily so as they are rather important tidbits. The dangers of hydrogen, the luxury of smooth sky sailing and the different structure types. But when one wishes to write fiction on such a subject one requires much more of the nitty gritty details with are far more likely to be omitted or simply not casually known.

As I've been studying for the production of my own steampunk, which has been kicking my scrawny tail for some time now, I accidentally came across a site that has swiftly proven to be an invaluable resource for those lesser known details. Ever wanted to know how airships were moored? Kind of a big deal! What about how they were operated and landed? How they calculated their speed? A hundred little pieces of information that I'd been craving for but had up until now found rather evasive has at last been discovered!

You can be sure I will be taking notes and reading this from top to bottom, not just from the desire to write good fiction, but for the sheer craving of remote knowledge. I hope that some of you will find use for it also.