Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ideas for Steampunk/Weird West/Spacey series title?

Hey folks! I'm hard at work trying to get the very first story in Primal Frontier churned out and edited. I actually had a rough draft done, but found that it had so many critical flaws that I decided to start over from scratch. Such are the trials of writers! But ah well, I'd rather take awhile to write something good and solid than rush out the very first story and screw up the rest of the series. The Hunter from the Red Hills shall be perfected!

Anyway, in the meantime my brain has been hard at work formulating other ideas consisting of awesome and I have two other series concepts down that need some fleshing out and polishing and those two can be started on! And because it took me three years just to come up with the title Primal Frontier, I'm hoping to get some outside opinions on the other two settings I'm working on in the background.

One is a Steampunk semi-Western taking place on another planet. Whereas Primal frontier is written in the spirit of exploration, hunting, lost civilizations and strange not-extinct animals, this one is more about practical and innovative technology on a weird alien planet with lots of political, societal and ideological strife taking place between multiple factions with people in the middle trying to eke out an existence. Loaded with mad scientists baking up all sorts of new tech types and plumbing the depths of the planet for hidden secrets, this series is more intellectually stimulating than Primal Frontier.

The other is more straightforward, a simple but fun and exciting Space Western where private enterprises try to get rich off of a rare material on a distant planet. In a nutshell it's the Gold Rush in space and where I've once again proven my juvenile obsession with Western style firearms by shoehorning them into this series as well even though lasers, coilguns and railguns exist. Actually, I do feel pretty darned proud on how I actually got to mix them together, but no more details until I actually write the first story!

So, any ideas for titles lads? I'll need all the help I can get! Show me what ya'll can come up with! :)

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