Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Quick wit

I don't know how my dad does it, but somehow he has one of the sharpest and fastest senses of humor out of any mortal man I've ever met. My co-workers think I'm hilarious, but I know that I am but a learner before the master when my dad is around. Here are a few brief stories of his escapades.

Dad pads downstairs bleary eyed and sleepy, having just woken from a nap while sick when the youngest of the clan pipes up with her munchkin voice.
"Daddy! Did you miss me?" she asks excitedly with a voice that would land her as a fourth in The Chipmunks band.
"Yeah, but my aim will be better next time," Dad unit replies as he shuffles over to the fridge.

At another point we're in the vehicle and Dad is trying to bestow some of his wonderful car engineering knowledge upon my slightly younger brother as I sit in back. Bro has his own vehicle but it keeps giving him difficulties. "Son, there is only one thing I hate more than fixing cars," he says with sage wisdom. "And that's paying mechanics to fix cars." Well spoken. Oddly enough, I quoted him a few nights ago to which he replies in earnest surprise "Did I say that? I'll have to say that more. That's really funny!" Yes, yes it is Daddy.

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