Sunday, February 14, 2016

Primal Frontier: The Shaman of Dread is up next!

I'm almost done with my newest Primal Frontier book, The Shaman of Dread. In this story Ansgar is pitting his wits and skills against an evil shaman who is on the warpath and using strange and seemingly supernatural powers to bend the beasts of Magna Terra to his will. Should Ansgar fail in stopping him a brutal territory war will commence and thousands will die. How will he fair against a dinosaur Pied Piper?

This one has been in the works for a little bit. Editing is almost done and I'm just going to have someone beta read it for final tweaks. I'm excited! Plus this one will have an all new book cover that I've commissioned just for this occasion! I've actually hired artist Rodrigo Vega for this one, which is kind of a small dream come true for me. I don't have a release date set yet, but I'm hoping to have this sucker out by late May.

Keep an eye out for updates and keep your wallets ready for the Kindle release. :)

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