Monday, February 15, 2016

Some layout advice?

I'm hoping someone might be able to give me a pointer or two here on account of my tech illiteracy. I know for a fact on other blog pages you can post images and links to ones books on Amazon on the side bar. It is kind of nifty in letting newcomers to your page know that you have stuff they can by without them combing through your older posts. I don't expect them to, that's not fair.

Problem is I can't figure out how to bloody do it. Oh I've tried, and even tried looking it up a few times but came up blank. I know, I know, for some of you tech gurus this is the equivalent of tying your shoes, but in tech terms I'm a neanderthal smacking some rocks together and hoping fire will come. So if any of you could find it in the depths of your heart to give me some basic instructions I would be most appreciative.

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