Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sibling Quarrels

There I am at church, sitting on a pew with one of my sisters snuggled up next to me and doing her best to not die from boredom. I'm doing my best to pay attention with debatable success when out of nowhere she brings an interesting question to me.

"Can boys hit girls?" she asks innocently. I look at her in surprise.
"No honey, boys can never hit girls."
"Even if they are being mean?" she presses.
"Nope, not even if they are being mean. Boys can never ever hit girls." She meditates on this for a moment.
"Girls can hit boys?" This is where big brother EC slips.
"Oh yeah, totally." I realize I have suddenly stuck my foot in my mouth, since things may have changed since I learned fighting ethics from the kid days.

"Really?" she chirps, now very interested.
"Well, yeah but, um, you shouldn't."
"What if they being mean?"
"Like, you can but... yeah, you really shouldn't, but you can." Suddenly she grins impishly and a frightening light beams from her little brown eyes.
"My life is goooooood!" she proclaims proudly and I wonder what I have suddenly set in motion.

I need to work on my big brother skills apparently.

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