Monday, January 25, 2016

Turok re-release!

For all of you kids today who grew up with Nintendo Wiis and PS3's, you missed out on a heck of a lot of good games from the old days. I'm not going to pretend that old games were perfect. Oh heck no. Not at all. The graphics were chunky, there was a lot of crap that you had to figure out all by yourself, and there was stuff that often got in the way. But here and there were absolute gems that make them stack up against some of the best modern games. Unlike stuff today, a lot of older games had insane amounts of imagination and had really cool art styles.

If this doesn't interest you, then you have no soul

The old Nintendo 64 was a hot rod back in the day, and while my brother and I were definitely late to the game for, um, games, we didn't waste any time catching up. Some of the best I ever played were the Turok games. Playing a Native American with futuristic weapons fighting through alternate dimensions and blasting mutated dinosaurs is a classic scenario, one dating back to Egyptian legends, possibly earlier. It was one of the most visceral and innovative set of games ever done, and I wasted plenty of time blasting guys in Frag mode with insane weapons like the Inflator or Cerebral Bore. But alas, with the old gear being relegated to museums and restored by eccentric millionaires, the only ones who can play these games in a modern setup is after bootlegging them.

But brave knights of the game world have stepped forth and are cleaning them up and re-releasing them on Steam and other sites!

Heck, the first one is already out on Steam now! A bit pricey for a game that's almost 20 years old, but it's a lot cheaper than hunting down a working N64, controllers, rumble pack and old Turok copies.

There are no words that can describe my elation at this news. So far they are bringing back Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. I'm hoping they bring back 3, but I'm so stoked at getting these two back that it's hard not to be happy.
I never like downloading bootleg games. And not just because they are whorehouses for viruses and destructive software that will give my computer electric STD's. It's because I believe that products should be payed for, but it sucks when the product just plain isn't available to be purchased. I want to give money to guys who develop good games! But when idiot companies or managers slaughter them for the soul harvest it leaves a lot of people with no other option aside from pirating, or the game faces extinction.

So I'm all for re-releases on modern platforms that give these things an extra lease on life. I often complain about modern times, but it is harder to when stuff like this happens. :D

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