Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Sorry for the delays on updates here, I'm hoping to rectify that sometime in the near future, but in the meantime I wanted to wish everyone a happy All Hallows Eve!
I eagerly look forward to going to my big work shift to feed hundreds of people, then taking my younger siblings from house to house, yelling for them to stay out of the yards, especially the ones with cactuses, to not run into the people's houses, and upon the night's end enacting a candy tax upon their hoard. Hey, with five kids trick or treating, they're bound to get a good haul, and it's only fair that they share with their big brother who so selflessly led them to their glorious bounty, eh?

Oh, and can't forget buying all the discount candy on Monday! Walk into Target or Walmart with 20 dollars and you can return home like royalty with those bonuses. And just in time to stock up for the upcoming Fallout 4! It's only eleven days away! ELEVEN!  Yeah, I've actually requested time off for its release.

Hopefully I'll have an article or two done before that happens, so what followers I have left can actually have something to read. I'm actually working on a review of Tremors 5, because it elicited such intense rage. However, I think I hate it so much that my subconscious keeps it buried to protect me. I keep forgetting it exists, and even though I know I have to get it done, my brain keeps preventing me from remembering most of what happened in the movie. Not good signs.

Ah well, until next time! Enjoy the candy and the scares!

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