Saturday, October 17, 2015

My dream revolver: Ruger Redhawk 45

I think out of all of the calibers that have come and gone, the 45 Colt is my favorite. And not just for nostalgia's sake. This cartridge was popular back in the day for a good reason. It put bad guys down and put meat on the table for many frontiersmen, soldiers and lawmen. Even today it holds a solid niche amongst shooters, even with competition from competitors like the 44 Magnum and others. It can fire fat heavy bullets for big game, or lighter 250 grain bullets for dealing with two legged predators with just as much authority as it did back when horses were still the primary mode of transportation. In fact, it's even more potent today with the advent of advanced expanding bullets. A 200 grain 45 caliber hollow point is deadly medicine for anyone not from Krypton.

To my bafflement though there has been a curious lack of moderate length barreled double action revolvers in the caliber. Sure there is the S&W Governor and Taurus Judge that can fire Colts along with 410 shotgun shells, and while superb guns, are a bit bulky. The cylinders are much longer and make them much larger in order to accommodate the longer shotgun shells. There's the S&W Model 25, but very few have the practical four inch barrel, instead opting for the Harry Callahan appearance with a seven inch barrel. A bit difficult to fit in a holster on your hip.

But low and behold, Ruger has at last answered my many prayers and delivered this glorious creation to the realm of mortals!

45 Colt and 45 ACP chambering
Unlike earlier Redhawk models, this one can accept moon clips and fire 45 ACP, a caliber that is in greater abundance than zombies in video games.With a practical four inch barrel, adjustable sights and the ability to switch between two of the most potent handgun calibers available, this is a versatile and wonderfully balanced gun. This can easily switch between being a trail gun whilst hiking, stoked with Colts for things like bear and feral dogs, to 45 ACP in an urban situation to cull the criminal populations. They are a bit overpopulated in the US last I checked. And with moon clips available you can get another six shots into the cylinder lickety split and be back in the fight.

I hope dearly to own one of these myself someday! It's like it was made for me! :D

For a more detailed review on this new model, I highly recommend clicking on the link below to the fantastic site, the place I found out this beauty had graced our timeline with its presence.

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