Sunday, November 15, 2015

How To Fight Terrorism

I've thought a lot about the current goings on in the world, and in the wake of the most recent terrorist attack in Paris, I've decided to share the conclusions that I've come to.

It should be abundantly clear by now that there can be no peaceful co-existence with the likes of ISIS. It doesn't matter how much we want peace, they don't. They want a war. They want carnage. They want conflict. And no matter how passively we react, they'll continue to inflict tragedy on those that aren't one of their own.

And no, this isn't a blanket endorsement against Islam. Nor is it racism. This is specifically aimed at the Islamist extremists, those that will not countenance any other belief. Many people are now rightfully in fear of their lives, not knowing where or when the next attack will take place. This happened with many Americans after 9-11, being afraid to simply take a plane flight.

This is exactly what the terrorists want. They want us good, peaceful people to be afraid to simply go out and do what we enjoy doing. Unable to enforce their laws upon some of us through force of arms, they strive to control us through fear. Notice how these terrorists in this latest attack targeted a concert, a place where people usually go to have fun. This is not the act of someone angry at a foreign government, but rather an aim at the culture itself. They want to make us afraid to do what we enjoy, to express ourselves and do what we wish.

It is my belief that one step in fighting against terrorism should be done by the average citizen, and an important moral demonstration: Not giving into fear. I recommend going out and doing what you enjoy most, regardless of the threats of these petty barbarians. If we continue to enjoy our lives and not let the vile acts of these scoundrels affect us, then the very aim of their violent actions are in vain. One of my favorite quotes is "Live well. It is the best revenge." I plan to get lots of revenge of this variety, and you should too.
This is something that all of us should do, since most citizens abroad don't know how to actually fight, which brings me to my second point on how to fight terrorism.

The second method of fighting terrorism is much more straightforward: Prepare for combat. This is for citizens who are worried they may be confronted by terrorists, and how they can actively deal with them. Don't wait for the police. It's up to you to deal with the threat. Fight back, even if they are armed and you aren't. Terrorists don't expect resistance from civilians. They got the compliance they desired in the Paris attack, where none of the victims fought back. True, it's difficult to fight against those who have firearms, but it is possible.
People, you need to wolf pack these monsters. Depending on what country you're living in, you have different restrictions and options, but you should take advantage of all of them.

In the US we still thankfully have the Second Amendment and millions of citizens are armed and prepared for such attacks. If you don't have a carry permit already, I recommend you get one now. If possible, carry a rifle in your vehicle with ammunition and have it ready to go. Terrorists by their nature are not up front fighters. They want helpless victims that they can annihilate at their leisure, so don't expect them to announce where and when they will attack. They don't want a fair fight, and neither do we. When encountered they should be met with irresistible and unrelenting force.

Now, for my European neighbors, things are clearly different. A lot of this article is actually aimed at you guys. Europe is far more vulnerable due to the open borders being flooded with immigrants and lack of fighting culture among the citizens, few of who are armed. Europe, now is the time to learn how to fight. Firearms still aren't an option for the vast majority of you, but you have options. Simple items laying around the house can effectively be used to subdue those who wish to do harm. Baseball bats, golf clubs, crow bars, hammers, tire irons, wrenches, ratchets and the like can be very effective. Aim your blows at the skull, neck, wrists, and legs. Blunt force trauma against bone is far more damaging than against flesh. Plus, with tools you can keep them close at hand in your vehicles without arousing suspicion from authorities. After all, metal tools are extremely common and you might need one to fix your car if it has a problem, won't you?

Keep situational awareness. Be aware of what's going on around you, especially when you are out and about in the city, the most likely terrorist resorts where there are lots of citizens and easy escape routes. When someone is getting ready for violence they will be tense. Look at body language. They will likely be sweaty, shifty eyed, maybe doing something physical to help vent pent up energy. Even combat veterans in the military feel anxiety before entering combat. When someone knows they are entering a fight you can often feel it.

What do you do if you don't have any items on you that you can use as weapons? Well, you can even use your cell-phone as a weapon. Grip it with your thumb on one side, your pointer finger on the top, and the other three fingers on the side opposite of your thumb. The bottom you can use as a bludgeon with a fair degree of stability. If you get into close quarters, drive that corner at your opponent's eyes and temple, which is just behind the eyes. This is a vulnerable point and can result in a cracked skull.

I highly recommend researching Krav Maga, a form of militarized street fighting forged by the Israeli Army from Grand Master Imi, a veteran combatant. It is extremely effective but differs from martial arts in that it focuses on raw efficiency and dealing with armed assailants. It utilizes the body's natural reflexes so that one doesn't have to do rigorous and regular sparring, as you are using what your body already has installed. Mind you, this style of combat is relentless and brutal, seeking to overwhelm your opponent with offensive force before he can counterattack. Women, this is particularly useful for you as well, as it doesn't require the same level of physical strength as other forms of hand to hand combat.

Follow the link for some of the basics. This isn't meant as a full run down, but to get you the basics so that if you find yourself in a conflict you have an idea of what to hit and how.

A few other fighting methods I recommend include sticking your fingers in an assailant's eyes. It's simple, but ruthlessly effective. A highly underrated technique is simply grabbing an assailant's finger and bending it until it breaks. You'll notice no one does this in MMA fights. That's because it's sickeningly easy and it isn't allowed. Grabbing the finger also allows you to manipulate your opponent and put them in a more vulnerable position. Even when they are holding a firearm, if you can get close enough you can grab ahold and bend it against the trigger finger. This prevents them from aiming and can break the digit. Never underestimate a swift blow to the testicles either. If you're facing a legitimate terrorist, spare no brutality in subduing them. Punch, kick, knee or stab them in the groin, anything to get them down fast. Fight dirty. Your honor isn't in question when dealing with these guys.
I also highly recommend a chisel punch to the throat. The throat is a vital and vulnerable part of the body, and if struck hard enough it can swell and seal off the wind pipe, which can lead to suffocation. Women, pay attention to this one. Even if you aren't facing a terrorist, there are men out there who are still interested in doing you harm in more ways than one. Nothing will slow them down quite like a punch to the throat and making it hard for them to breathe.

On the governmental level, urge your representatives to address these evil people. Upon learning of the mass immigration taking place and refugee acceptance, I actually anticipated an attack like the one that took place. In the hundreds of thousands of unchecked immigrants, I predicted, correctly, that many would be insurgents sneaking in along with the rest of the crowd to get into position to attack. This has proven to be correct. What's more, they are apparently able to smuggle weapons in.

Sweden has had a rash of grenade attacks along with the influx of immigrants, something that is almost unheard of even in the US where we have access to all sorts of weaponry. The attacks in France were done not with hunting rifles, but fully automatic AK-47s, which are insanely illegal throughout Europe. Yet they were brought in anyway. This should come as no surprise. Firearms are much easier to transport than people, as they take up far less space. They can easily be filtered through in duffle bags and backpacks. Or if pressed, they can be broken down into smaller parts divided into different packages and assembled later.

This could be stifled very effectively by simply not letting refugees through unchecked anymore. The open border practice is horribly misguided and is an open door for the extremists, who are putting them to good use. Shut the borders. Shuttle most of the people back. Those that show signs of violence should be prosecuted. I've been swarmed with accounts of rapes taking place in the wake of many immigrants. Sweden is now one of the biggest rape capitals in the world according to some articles I've seen. Rapists in any culture should be treated to the harshest extent of the law. I personally prefer punishment via firing squad, but that might be difficult to get through congress.

Also, this is an extremely important point for the United States as well, as there is a great chance that extremists are flooding into our country through Mexico. I personally believe thousands already have and are preparing for attacks. Border and coastal states are likely to be at the most risk, while those closer to the interior are less suspect. But don't count on it, as these incidents can be unpredictable. US, it's time to finally get this ridiculous border situation under control. At the very least seal the border off to prevent further unchecked immigration. We need to let the FBI and CIA do their jobs, but at the same time not sacrifice our freedoms and our privacy. These guys know what to look for, and it is up to us to assist them. Many breaks are due to simple people being vigilant and reporting important information.

Don't assume that all ISIS fighters will be black bearded caricatures that look like Bin Laden. It appears that some people from America have gone over seas to join the ranks of ISIS. Be on the look out for those on the web that openly endorse these murderers, as they are likely sympathizers or even open supporters. Don't be fooled by thinking such people will remain silent. Even in World War 2 there were Nazi sympathizers in the heart of America proudly proclaiming their support. With the advent of social media and internet anonymity these people can sometimes be pointed out. Now, this isn't to suggest you should look for ISIS sympathizers under every rock and tree. We don't want another Red Scare. Simply be aware of those that seem a bit too energetic about those who are carrying out these massacres.

It's also time for the US and Europe to take a stand against these cretins and take the fight to them. Despite what much of the media claims, the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan weren't repeats of Vietnam. On the contrary, from what I've examined they were some of the most one sided wars in human history. A colleague of mine served in Afghanistan, and when I mentioned the Vietnam comparison he grew indignant and informed me that it was nothing of the sort. ISIS must be fought wherever it takes refuge, including countries that we aren't at war with. Those that race to the borders of other countries to escape the long reach of Western military forces shouldn't be given the luxury of hiding and violating warfare law. They don't abide by the laws of the Geneva Convention, and therefore it does not apply to them and they should not benefit from it. This won't be a short campaign though.

I predict that it will go on for decades in fact, simply by the virtue that these guys will spread and fight in guerrilla attacks, avoiding direct conflict and not having sharply established borders and territories. I don't suggest that we carpet bomb areas. In fact, I heavily believe part of why ISIS is thriving is because the US didn't finish the job during the Afghan and Iraqi wars. Not just the job of ferreting out insurgents, but not rebuilding the infrastructure. Lack of jobs and structure led to anarchy in many places, many people so impoverished that there is nothing else for them to do. Reconstruction and helping a country get back on its feet is paramount to lasting peace. Japan after World War 2 is an excellent example. Far greater destruction was wrought upon the cities of Japan, not just the nuclear bombs, but the air raids and incendiary bombs that set fire to countless buildings. But with the reconstruction they were able to recover and now boast one of the most successful modern economies today.

I don't expect this exact scenario to take place in the Middle East, as it is very different from Japan. But providing stability will help establish allies from the local population and reduce the numbers of insurgents. We don't need vast carpet bombings or nukes, but boots on the ground. We need men who can identify threats and put them down while minimizing harm to those who simply wish to live in peace.

Don't mistake such a campaign as being a threat against all of Islam either. On the contrary, it is for the benefit of peaceful Muslims that such a conflict should take place. There are hundreds of millions of Muslims in the world today, and most of those look down with disdain or disgust upon the actions of ISIS. And yet it is by far mostly Muslims that ISIS is slaughtering in the Middle East right now. Those civilians are just as much victims as those who died in France. There is no good reason that those people should be dying en mass and enduring the biggest rape rampage since the Nanking Massacre. If there has been a bigger surge in sex slavery and wanton rape in the last hundred years, I am unaware of it. Countless young girls are being bought and sold as items on the market, many being savagely beaten and raped by their new 'husbands.'

Don't take only my word for this. Do your own research. Learn what you can about ISIS and what separates them from other Muslims, as they come in infinite variety. But it should be abundantly clear now that ISIS is a breed that is the equivalent of the Heath Ledger Joker. This is not an exaggeration. They have made no demands that most of us would expect. No calls for succession of territory, no demands for money or equipment, not even conversion to Islam. They simply call for violence against all that they deem to be an enemy of themselves, which is the majority of the human race. They don't want to negotiate any terms. They are want to kill. The only way to respond to these men is with the full force of our military prowess. In a joint operation, I believe we can crush these guys. It is time for the good people of the world to stand together and fight against a common enemy.

As a word of caution to us all, we must take care not to devolve and sink to the depths of those we are fighting. No matter where we are we must be mindful of the innocents caught in the crossfire. The greatest danger from foes like these is not the physical threat they represent, but the moral threat, the threat of making us apathetic to others. Becoming callused and not caring about those who aren't involved and degenerating into moral apathy is a much greater threat. We risk ostracizing many innocents in our fear, and even crippling our own rights designed to protect us. Even if we eliminate our foes, if we are still paralyzed with fear and treat every aspect of our lives with suspicion, then they have won. As I said before, we must work to maintain our moral integrity even in the face of terrorism.

While it's easy to be galled by the atrocities being committed, we must remember that even under these conditions the kindness of the human spirit can prevail. Don't be disheartened by those who dwell on hatred. The best weapon many of us have is simply helping up our fellow man, showing love and kindness without any expectation of a reward. It's in the harsh times such as these that some of us can truly shine and show that even under the worst of circumstances, kindness can still exist and even flourish.

I hope that this article has been of some help. I pray for those who are suffering and hope that those of us who are good can pull together. Stay vigilant, stay strong, and most importantly stay hopeful.

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