Monday, October 19, 2015

New book release: The Mines of Madness!

Nevada. The Silver State. Gold and silver ore pours in by the bucket-load, bestowing fantastic wealth upon whoever is lucky enough to find it. But when the Broken Back Mine falls silent, the owner seeks the help of Pinkerton Agent Jan Wheeler to help him find out what's wrong.
He knows it could be anything: Highwaymen, Indians, or even the miners themselves. When he arrives, he is shocked to find the gold is untouched. Yet no living man is there to greet him. Only the dead, shriveled bodies of the miners and the carrion eaters that feed upon them. It's up to him to find out what happened to the miners. The answer to the mystery lies somewhere deep in the belly of the Broken Back Mine. However, unbeknownst to the agent, something ancient is dwelling in the bowels of the earth, waiting.

My new book is finally out, and just before Halloween! Take a look and enjoy this subterranean horror! :)

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