Saturday, October 11, 2014

The chaos life!

Holy crap things have been messy lately. The entire clan had to pack up everything nailed to the ground, pull the nails out of everything that was, and haul them around like a pack of mules. But somebody has to do it, and being a strapping young man, I had to chip in. But good grief is it a confused hassle.

Fun fact: When moving something weighing upwards of two hundred pounds over uneven ground, young children like to get in the way and ask really stupid questions. Then they cry when you tell them to get out of the sodding way so that neither you or they get crushed under the worlds most dense piece of furniture. Shocking!

I also find some designs of modern homes most baffling. Specifically in regard to lights. My room isn't installed with a single sodding light bulb! Why the devil are modern constructions so averse to installing lights? I mean, okay, the attic entrance is in my room so you can't put a ceiling fan smack dab in the middle, but why not scoot it over a foot or two? I want to be able to see in my room dangit! Give me some light bulbs! Thomas Edison didn't steal all the credit for inventing the thing just for them to be abandoned after all.

I suppose I shouldn't complain too much. My new command post is rather cozy, complete with the fantastic luxury of having a closet! Not quite enough room for the usual battery of bookshelves though. I swear, with all the literature I lug around you could use them as submarine ballast. Well, back to the literary hammer and anvil!

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