Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Artist Shout out!

It's no secret that this are difficult times around the world. Even so there has been no limit to the skill and creativity some people develop and perform. I'm constantly amazed at some of the things that artists are able to create with little more than pencils and paper. With a chunk of pencil lead and some pulped wood they can recreate battle scenes, vivid facial expressions, landscapes, buildings, anything their imaginations can conjure! I've always been envious of these people, especially since I'm hard pressed to draw a stick figure.
I've been lucky enough to find and speak with some artists on the internet who are truly amazing. On their pages they have asked for help in becoming better known and I am more than happy to share knowledge of them in my little blog. Here are two guys who are excellent visual artists and more than worthy of your time to take a look at!



These two fellows are worth your time looking at. Give them a look see and be amazed!

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