Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reality is conspiring against me

It's funny how life works sometimes. No sooner did I finish my rough draft of Hunter from the Red Hills than my entire computer gets ravaged by hostile software, prompting me to initiate a totalitarian purge of my system, weeding out any sedition within the rebellious programs skulking about in the background. I freaking hate Trojans and viruses. I'd love to find the guys who made some of these and pay them a visit.

And now when I sit down to actually do some rewrites and editing I just happen to get sick. I need to check around this new place for hexing signs and remove them, cuz this crap is getting ridiculous. Sigh. This just ain't my month it seems. And I have to beg for my old job back. Fun fun fun!

Ugh, wish me luck gents. I'm gonna need it!

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