Thursday, October 23, 2014

And the embarassments keep coming

I should be finishing up my review of the Turok Son of Stone movie. I really should. And editing my current rough draft. But how can I not make fun of this most recent incident? I mean, I knew that our current Pres is incompetent to the point of legend, but even by his standards this is just astounding.

Under Bush with that one fella and the wicked throwing arm? Okay, yeah, kinda wacky, but that guy didn't get too far. And he didn't have a gun. But wow, one of the most tight and petty guys that ever walked over the threshold of the Whitehouse wanting the strictest of gun control and penetrate every element of personal life and he has a violent guy working for him, but is armed and within French kissing distance of him in the sodding elevator! This is just too delicious. I mean for crap's sake, I've been more thorough in looking over people when they're going to babysit.

Okay, true, it is not Obama's fault, but wow the incompetence of his security leaves me nothing short of astonished. The bar is now so low that you could apparently trip over it.

The reaction of Obama's Secret Service leader.
So Pres, quick question bro. If you can't keep one random armed dude at high-five distance from you while surrounded by Secret Service guys or keep some schmuck out of the White House, what on Earth makes you think you can keep anyone or anything else safe? What makes you think you can keep weapons out of the hands of criminals even if Eric Holder is no longer around to give them quality stuff? Clearly the answer is MOAR CONTROL!

After all, the anti-gun guys are at the forefront of firearms knowledge. Behold, the pinnacle of anti-gunner wisdom!

Pictured: The leading authority on anti-gun lore.

Okay, that's not entirely fair. I'll be honest. Schultz is actually smarter and intellectually honest. And he's adorable!

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