Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crap crap crap CRAP!!!

Just when I get a role on editing and set a release date, my computer has to succumb to the evils of the online world and is completely corrupted by viruses. I'm only able to write this now because I hijacked someone else's computer when they weren't looking.

So I'm rather irked, being unable to work on my writing at all. Just looking at my sodding rough draft is now a hassle and risks infecting other stuff. Bugger all. At least with a severed internet connection I could still edit and play Fallout 3. But having my entire setup wrecked? Infuriating.

Sigh. But I refuse to give up. This is but a setback and I shall inevitably make a comeback! On the plus side I've been able to dedicate a nigh unhealthy amount of time and effort to reading. Looking through some older literature I had picked up but not had the time to look through that I'd lifted from a thrift store, I discovered a heretofore untapped goldmine of knowledge! Part of the reason I never delved into the thing before is because there is no blurb on the back. Perhaps it once had a fancy dust cover but has since gotten lost. I swear the thing must be older than my dad though, as I've only seen a few books with this type of cover and binding. Quite curious indeed, since it's in amazing shape!

Anywhat, the book is called Gun Notches by Thomas Rynning, true tales of a genuinely great frontiersman. How I haven't heard of this guy before shall forever elude me, but I'm now delighted that I have this copy. It's not meant as a chest beater nor is it a rigid factual recitation. Rather it is a collection of stories and recollections from a man rich with life experience and putting them down on paper for future generations to enjoy. And boy howdy does it fit the bill! A fan of all things Western this guy provides a legion of little known knowledge that I'd never heard of before, everything from cowboy dressing to horse-riding tricks.

If you didn't think the West was wild before, you will after taking a peek at this! Look him up, it's well worth the effort and almost makes going without a computer worth it. :)

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