Sunday, April 27, 2014

The music haunts me!

Being an unapologetic nerd I am required by law to worship Batman in some shape or form. And why not? He's frigging awesome. I'm most partial to the older animated series, and even bought the first season to share with my younger siblings to enjoy. And enjoy it they do! They need all the good influences they can get.

Yet there is one thing that is bugging the almighty crap out of me. One of my favorite episodes, The Forgotten, has a frigging wonderful soundtrack that just gets your attention. Check some of this out!
Wow, 3:45, that fat guy can haul when he needs to...

Yet for some bloody reason I haven't been able to find just the music anywhere! It's like this is literally the only track in the entire franchise that hasn't been named and put up somewhere on the internet despite being some of the best. How is this possible? Listen to it!

I can't fathom how such a wonderful and catchy soundtrack isn't out there. I hope I'm just terrible at searching for music. If anyone happens to know anything detailed about this soundtrack I'd be awful happy to learn about it!

Anyway, I recommend checking out Batman The Animated Series if you haven't yet. I'm an adult and I still enjoy this stuff. The writing is actually darned good! You owe it to yourself to see some quality.

Eccentric Cowboy out!

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