Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cellphone madness

The power of cellphones today is unreal. I remember about a decade ago the things could be used with mortar to build a fortress. They were bloody huge! And now the darned things are the size of 3x5 cards and have ridiculous horsepower. Eat your heart out Star Trek.

However, they are too advanced for some people, myself included. By my very nature I prefer simple, robust and reliable electronic systems. I've never felt the need for a phone that can compete with computers. Touch screens make me bloody nervous, because I tend to keep a small blacksmith shop in my pockets at any given time. This means that a cell phone that isn't designed with resistances towards sharp objects is going to have a very short life expectancy.

For the last two years I was very lucky to have an extremely well built cell phone to use. Heavy, reliable and designed like a cinder block this chunky thing could have been used to pound nails or crack the temple of anyone invading my personal space. It sent texts, made calls and had a calculator. Which was really all I needed.

However, due to my families current economic strife we've moved to a different plan that is cheaper, but somehow came along with brand new cellphones. Sadly, my half-pound hammer phone wasn't brought along and I've been given a very high tech touch screen phone. I don't wish to sound ungrateful, because it is capable of some very cool things, but it is very different from what I require.

I'm mostly worried that the thing will be battered into a crumpled piece of metal and glass in my pocket and outdoor activities. Also, I fear I'll have trouble turning the darned thing on and off. I like solid buttons. Touch screens aren't that reliable, certainly not for my needs. I'm not a complete Neo-Luddite, as I use many different systems, but wow is this thing complex.

Well lads, wish me luck figuring out my new Quantum-DNA sequencing-atomic-cellular device. I'll need every bit of luck I can get. Now I'm going to hyperventilate into a paper bag.

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