Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gosh I want to move to Arizona...

Over the weekend some chaps from Church tolerated my presence and we took a trek down to Arizona for a bit of a play, which was fun.
My mind was kind of on other things though. Mostly the amazing landscape. I don't get out of my own state all that often sadly, but when I do I try to make it could. My current territory looks very much like what you'd expect from Road Warrior, except with less trees. I kid you not, every person I speak to who has moved here from somewhere else agrees when I say it's like a post apocalyptic wasteland. Here in the valleys lizards are considered big game. Our primary color out here is tan. Color isn't vibrant. Everything is coated with dust and the color is muted from the intense sun, which will literally melt some toys left out during the summer.

So I was understandably elated when I came to a deserty place that actually had vibrant color and wildlife! I love how the confident green of the trees contrasts with the rusty red of the soil and sandstone. Although I had only about two hours to spend out in the boonies, most of our trip was spent driving, I was able to track down a few cotton tail rabbits, seven lizards, caught one, some mosquito larva, spotted some fascinating birds, and snuck up to a few squirrels. Those last little buggers gave me an interesting time. I could hear something plunging around in the brush but out of sight when out by myself. My ears told me that it wasn't a mere lizard but something heavier. I actually felt pretty good when I was able to sneak up pretty darned close in that brush!

Heck, even the cactuses had some appeal to look upon. Believe it or not, in my patch of desert most cactuses can't tough it out. That's not a typo by the way. So yeah, my desert kinda sucks.

But by gosh I love the look of Arizona territory! We passed through Sedona and I began salivating at all the shops we passed. I'm a sucker for some places. When I grow up I'm going to have to make a change of accommodations. Hope to get myself a new hunting soon! For now, I'm gonna try to not pass out after the drive.

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