Monday, April 28, 2014

Curse you sickness!

Lately half the homestead has been down with what I presume is the flu, which sucks. For the past year I've done a pretty good job of avoiding being infected, primarily by isolating myself from the sick people. However, that proves a bit more difficult when three of five adults in the household are down for the count, and five of the children are not.

So apparently my body felt left out of the festivities and I'm now trying not to vomit up all of my internal organs. Feel like I've been run over by a bloody truck. Blah. Screw you illness. Screw you.

Sigh. Well, hoping I can conjure up a few good things that have been happening lately. Hmm. Lets see, there's... um... Oh! Got the feisty sprogs to watch The Princess Bride, one of the most cooliest movies out there. Gotta love that movie! Although, darned if I'm not always confused between calling it The Prince's Bride and The Princess Bride. Oi. Ah well.
Hopefully I'll be ready to function again soon. I've got crap to do!

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