Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Okay... now THAT is cool!

Normally I don't like fancy, over-complicated rigs for firearms. I poke fun at tacticool ARs with more bells and whistles than a cell phone and still getting better wifi. And yet... how in the world can any mortal man look at this and not think it awesome?

It's a bloody AK with a bloody chainsaw attached to it! This surely has no practical purpose in real life of course, but come on! Look at the darned thing! This is just plain fun.

While I can't afford this thing and there is a noticeable scarcity of zombies in my nick of the woods, even after they've been listed under the Endangered Species Act, I'm sure I can conjure up some kind of excuse to get one of these!
Erm, I need it to trim the rose bushes while protecting myself from those mutated gophers? Slicing cake at birthday parties is far more hazardous than most people suspect? I need to hog all the attention at the shooting range? I need to open cardboard boxes and fend off bandits wanting my hard-to-find out of print books?

I'll think of something! Although chances are it'll be outlawed in some manner by the weapon banners, engineers will always think up something even more fun to get around those fun haters. Gosh I love this industry!

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