Friday, March 28, 2014

I frigging called it

A very short while ago I wrote how gun control is pushing up daisies and doesn't yet realize it, and how I concluded that in the event of gun restrictions criminals would be supplied with firearms through corrupt military and politicians. I mentioned the case of Operation Fast and Furious, which was one of the biggest scandals of the US Federal gummint supplying firearms to known gun runners and drug cartels in an embarrassingly poorly thought out plan that I would have scrapped in a heart beat had I been in charge.

Ah, but the FBI has something that the ATF doesn't have: Brains.
In a recent sting operation the FBI caught a rather interesting person involved in a most interesting business arrangement, specifically involving illegal importation of illegal firearms up to and including shoulder fired explosive weapons from a Muslim rebel group in the Philipines to a crime group here in the US. Except that the crime group turned out to be some competent FBI personnel who knew what they were doing. Oopsie daisy!

But who was the mastermind behind this plot? A Muslim extremist? A terrorist? An anarchist? Good guesses, but no. It was none other than a Californian senator who just so happened to support gun control and has attempted to ban violent video games. The man's name is Leland Yee.

Huh. On one hand I'm feeling rather smug about having my predictions proved correct yet again with most excellent timing and trying not to laugh myself into a coma over the irony, yet on the other hand I'm somewhat disappointed. Cuz really, this is making my job here far too easy. I mean, wow. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

This guy was an absolute starchild for the gun control groups, an idol to rally around for banning firearms. Then he had to go and do this. Of course some people are already excusing the crap out of this incident because he supports a good cause and we shouldn't be so harsh, but this comes as no surprise to those who are familiar with Democrats who are anti-gun. It also shows just how little some of them believe in their own cause.

I recall that Ted Kennedy absolutely loathed the Winchester 30-30 and threw an fit over the fact that American citizens could own them. Then one of his own bodyguards was using a prohibited firearm for some absurd reason, a dandy Beretta 93 Raffica. While I'm not a fan of the 9 mil, I sure wouldn't mind owning one of those!

But yeah, this is nothing short of hysterical for me. In fact... Wait a moment, a Chinese man involved in a mass weapons exchange in the Western portion of the US? I've seen this before!
Main antagonist of the pilot episode of The Wild Wild West. Also a spokesman decrying identity theft, fraud and arms smuggling.
Oh. My. Gosh. Y'know, often history is cruel. But this time it is just plain catering to my morbid sense of humor. The writers of South Park couldn't have played this out better. It's like Life just gift wrapped this whole thing to me and the firearm group at large. I couldn't have prayed for a more delightful example of irony. It's like the rivers of chance all converged to this one point to give the world the biggest larf since PETA was discovered executing tens of thousands of cats and dogs instead of helping them to find homes.

And this was brought to bear with an undercover FBI agent exposing the entire operation. For obvious reasons his identity is concealed, but I'm hoping that the man had a hidden lock pick on his tailored suit, a disassembled Derringer hidden in his shoe heels, a cowboy hat, awesome hair and his first name being West. Please, please world let this be the case. I mean, probably not, but that would be mighty convincing evidence of a supreme being having a say in what's going on in this world, and has a sense of humor to boot.

Anyway, back to raw facts: Leland Yee was accepting a crap load of bribes and was orchestrating this arms deal in exchange for "donations" to run Secretary of State. Yee of course was not the only man involved, there are others, but he's kind of the lynch pin in this case. I'm thankful that others are taking this seriously and trying to pry him from his office and throw him into a cell.

If I happen to have any FBI readers at all, not likely but just in case, good job lads! Done a heck of a lot more good than some other groups I can think of.

Anywho, I'm going to laugh myself to tears, play some violent video games and continue owning firearms and not give one solitary crap what anyone else says about it. Nothing but love!

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