Friday, December 16, 2016

Anti-Gun Activism At Its Best!

Yesterday I could have honestly said I had heard every single variation and permutation of argument for gun control on the face of the earth. And while this isn't necessarily an argument, I can honestly say that I've never even fathomed this as a counter-argument to gun carry. Take a look at this masterpiece of insanity. Careful though. I try to keep this blog family friendly, and this is a bit off my usual path, but I simply cannot avoid sharing it.

Students in Texas decide that the proper, adult and mature thing to do in response to other students now being allowed to carry guns on campus is to parade around with dildos. They call it "Cocks Not Glocks." I wish I had the imagination to think of something this bereft of logic. How this is supposed to accomplish anything seems to be missing from their earnest protesting. Seriously, what is this supposed to do? I'm racking my brain right now for some fever-addled explanation as to how this will make any difference of any kind. Maybe it's because I'm too logical and think things through, because I'm coming up blank.

Heck, if anything, this will encourage people to carry guns elsewhere. Guns equaling attractive ladies walking around with sex toys? Hmmmm... It's a mystery what that'll lead to.

So in summation, since every anti-gun argument has been driven to extinction in the face of logic and reality, the anti-gunners have resorted to this. I am in spasms of laughter at the complete and utter absurdity of this. I mean, THIS was their big master plan for combating the spread of carried weapons? What did they pass up in favor of this? Walking around with toilet seats? DVD sets of My Little Pony? I almost feel like I've stepped into some sort of alternate reality that operates on Loony Tunes logic.

Normally I get annoyed when I see idiotic responses to guns, but this is just plain hysterical. I couldn't have prayed for a more glorious example of the desperation and lunacy that the anti-gunners have resorted to. Not gonna lie, I'm excited. I can't wait to see what other bizarre antics they employ.

Someone pass the popcorn please! >:)

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