Monday, December 19, 2016

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Things have been a mite hectic lately. I've been scrambling to find a job, coping with serious dental damage, trying not to freeze to death and assist friends and family with their various ills. So I haven't had the chance for a lot of blogging. Also haven't had a whole lot worth blogging about.

In terms of writing, I'm well underway with another Primal Frontier story. The first draft is basically done and needs to undergo revisions. Sadly my partner in crime and editor has been suffering some intense circumstances and simply hasn't been able to edit it these last few months. This is very regrettable, as I wanted to get it out by December here, but Life had other plans. I'm hoping I can get it out within the first few months of 2017.

In the meantime I'm beating my head against a wall trying to form the plot for my upcoming steampunk so I'm not just wasting time playing video games. It's frustrating because I have all the pieces to the puzzle, I just need to assemble them in the right order, which is proving rather difficult. I think I burned myself out with the Primal Frontier story, which has topped out over 100K words which would equate to around 350 pages on the Kindle. It might take my brain a wee bit more time to figure itself out. At the same time I'm annoyed that I can't actually get to work on it and get things moving. I need to be productive dangit!

Well, in other news I managed to acquire a job that pays enough for me to actually pay rent and buy food, and I've had some dental repair, so things are looking comparatively good. Hopefully in a short amount of time things will pick up, I can get Kapar's Mark published, get to work on my steampunk and make enough to eat cinnamon rolls everyday instead of ramen.

I hope that you can stay patient dear readers! Relief is on the way! Eventually!

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