Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Aurion movie? Please be good!

Some of you may recall my absolutely glowing review of the game Aurion: The Legacy of Kori-Odan, which bordered upon slavish. In short, it's a game with one of the best told stories I've ever seen and combat so tight that older 2D fighters like Mortal Combat and Street Fighter weep bitter tears of envy, all while having spectacular world building and mythology.

And apparently I'm not the only one who thought so, because someone in Hollywood wants to turn it into a movie! Now, usually I wouldn't give Hollywood the time of day, but in this case... YES!!! Please make this a movie! But don't suck at it.

Honestly, if they can translate this to film well, it should be fantastic. It shouldn't be too hard actually. It's so smooth and straight forward that in many cases you could literally copy the stuff line for line and not have anything lost in the translation.

I have only one request Hollywood: Please don't suck! You have gotten ahold of an absolute gem of a story. Don't screw it up. Stick to the story of the game, throw some good actors in, give it the budget it deserves, and market it as a good story. If they mess this up, I will honestly be extraordinarily upset. This is a golden opportunity, and to waste such potential would be depressing on an almost cosmic level.

You can find out more here: http://kiroogames.com/en/kiro-o-studio/current-events/197-an-african-fantasy-rpg-game-in-hollywood.html

In the meantime, if this is somehow new to you, or even if not, please, please buy and support this game!

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