Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Brief news!

Well dear gentlereaders, after scrambling desperately for about a month, I got ahold of a job! And this one is beyond full time. That has two effects: One, I can now purchase food and stuff again, which is very good and necessary to my continual survival. Second, I will be greatly slowed down in production. I'm trying to get another review out and work on more books, but this job is a real back breaker. But I shan't give up! It'll just take me awhile to get around to stuff. So I am sorry for not having posted much as of late. I'm now working and juggling multiple other accounts with other business, and trying to play half the games I've sacrificed on the altar of Steam. Those cagey buggers...

Anyway, I hope to have more stuff out soon. Take care all!

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