Thursday, July 9, 2015

Computer upgrading on a budget

It's no secret that I'm tech illiterate. Usually when my computer has a problem I'll do things like insult it, insult its heritage, sacrifice some chickens, unplug and replug stuff, which works most of the time. However when it comes to upgrading my software, you could tell me that I could put a sack of rusty bolts in there and it'd help, and I'd likely believe it.
So when I want to play more high powered games, I have to rely on some of my more savvy acquaintances to assist me in my recreational endeavors. Problem is that computer stuff is expensive, and I'm a miser.

So when my friend and his brother ask me how much I'm willing to save up to upgrade, I respond that I'm willing to go to X amount of dollars. I then get a reply saying that this is the computer I'll have to make due with on that sort of budget.

Hey, if it'll let me play Fallout 4, I'll buy it! I may need help figuring out where to plug the mouse into however. Don't I just have the most helpful friends? :)

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