Sunday, July 26, 2015

Amazing Screw-On Head

Well, I've gotta get something done today. I have another Primal Frontier story in editing and am almost finished with a horror western that for some reason stubbornly refuses to have a satisfactory ending. I don't know what it is, but for some reason climactic final battles are always the hardest for me. You've got to set things out so that everything comes together and makes sense. So many things have to happen for it to work right, and right now it just isn't cooperating. So fine Mines of Madness, sit there and sulk in the corner. 

Where was I? Oh yes! I became recently aware of what is possibly the funniest steampunk/weird west video ever, the Amazing Screw-On Head! Behold it's glory!

In just twenty minutes this entire thing grabbed me. Emperor Zombie is now one of my favorite villains, and at the half-way point the story literally broke my brain. I know Weird West is supposed to be weird, but wow this raised the bar! It's hilarious, much of it nonsensical, and yet somehow holds itself together. But it's all creative, all fun, and all awesome.

Sounds like a fun romp, right? Well, apparently whoever controls entertainment disagreed and decided to abort this series before it could take off. 
I have no idea why, but it feels like someone in some position of power in the entertainment industry is dead set against murdering exceptional Weird West shows. Firefly, The Adventures of Brisco County Junior, and now Amazing Screw-On Head? Does someone have a vendetta here? Did The Wild Wild West blow up his house in the 60's? Cuz that's the only Weird West show that ever lasted past one season. 

What other gems have been buried in this mass grave of talent? I want answers dangit! Someone has to pay! And is this the same person who also killed Terra Nova? Maybe that was James Cameron. I wouldn't be surprised if someone told the "story" of Avatar in a much more interesting and likable way and he decided to put a hit out on the competition. 

Anyway, sorry for the rant. For now let us enjoy what little we have of this blessing from the Steampunk gods!

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