Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tough guy love sickness

Have ya'll ever experienced the brutal sting of heartbreak, lashing at you like a bullwhip? Feeling like you'll never again learn to feel romantic towards someone ever again and that you'll never meet that special someone? Well, we all do. (I call that Tuesday)

We've all been there, feeling bereft and floating on the tides of loneliness. Often when I'm feeling such blues I'll listen to this little number from one of the few musicals I've actually liked, and one of the few romance stories I've enjoyed, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. This I think says less about how good this movie is and more how poor my taste in romance stories is, but whatever. It's a good scene done in one take, and the voices and rhythm of the backwoods work really sends the emotions home. Been caught singing it myself once or twice when feeling lonesome. So take a gander. I'm going to go get some comfort food.


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