Thursday, January 15, 2015

Now there's an interesting find!

Was just scrolling through Yahoo news as once in awhile they have something vaguely of interest, and had the extraordinarily good luck to happen upon this little gem!

Now ain't that just plain neat? Not everyday you find a gun from another century literally just laying around!

What stories do you have to tell old timer?
Now anyone who knows Old West history even in passing recognizes this fellow as a good ol' 73 Winchester which filled quite a few saddle scabbards at the time. Most originals have ended up in museums and personal collections, since even the youngest of the Winchester originals are extremely old. But to just happen upon one leaning against a tree like its owner is just a few feet away waiting to retrieve it? Now that's plain cool!

I'm also astounded that it survived intact for this long, 132 years to be precise. Granted, it probably isn't going to be shooting ever again as I can only imagine what rust has done to the parts, but still! I believe the harsh, dry air of the territory has a bit to do with it, as it's hard for plant material to break down without moisture. Stuff fades slowly in that territory.

Man, I'd love to know this gun's history! All personal weapons have stories. The problem is that they need people to actually tell them. I pity the poor soul who used to own this piece, as it was cutting edge when it was manufactured! Did he leave it there and get distracted, unable to find it again afterwards and lament the loss of 25 dollars? Did he get ambushed and it went unseen by looters? Did something catch the fellow by surprise so abruptly that he didn't have enough time to snatch up his gun?

I'd love to know, and it seems like quite a few other people are curious too! The archaeologists who found it seem just as interested and are actually trying to find its history through old archives. I wish them luck in finding out! I'd certainly like to hear what they find!

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