Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Cold Strikes Back

I apologize for the recent lack of updates, but apparently I've been used as a test subject for the new Super Cold by a clandestine shadow agency. Good grief. I'm no slouch when it comes to dealing with illnesses. Usually I'm down for two days and then bounce right back as if nothing had happened. This is a notable exception.

Ever since feeling like I swallowed a cup of ground up broken glass on Friday evening, making my throat rebel in agony, I've been laid up for three days and am only now feeling like I'm not going to break in half. Aside from being stuffy and crap, I felt like my bones were made out of frozen cardboard and any strain would make them snap. Forget loud noises. Made my head feel like a drum. Thanks lil' brothers and sisters for shutting up when the big bro is down for the count and needs at least a fraction of your cooperation. Punks.

Anyway, in spite of the walloping I've been taking I've gotten a good bit of writing accomplished. I've been focusing heavily on my introduction story for Primal Frontier. I've got a handful of others already done, but none that actually introduces everyone to the world and primary character. This thing has been a major problem, but I've finally gotten a decent plot going, yay.

Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have another brief Weird West review up or some such. I hope I recharge my batteries soon!

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