Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Simple Joys of Life

The number of ways one can be entertained today are without number, and my mind spins at all the options we have. And yet I feel that many of the best joys are those that are the most simple.

As I sit here I've just taken great joy at simply learning something I didn't know before. I fancy myself an decent expert on firearms through various portions of history. Not the best by any stretch, heck no, but somehow I just took great pleasure in finding out information on one of the older muzzle-loading rifles of the mid to late-1800's on the American frontier.

Reading never loses its charm. In spite of the amazing leaps we've taken with technology, the advents of movies, shows, video games and comics, books are still going strong and still perhaps the best way for the simple working man to convey new and fascinating ideas in fiction and in facts.

There are plenty of other simple things that I enjoy of course, shooting my rifle, feeling the keen edge of a blade, observing wildlife, telling stories, enjoying good company and good food, things that will never get old. The simple joys of life will never truly die, even with the insane progress and shifts in society and technology.

I find this to be a most comforting thought.

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