Saturday, May 31, 2014

How long have I not noticed that...

I'm not a big superhero person. I don't have anything against comics or superhero movies, it's just that most of them don't interest me personally. Different strokes for different folks.
One of the few exceptions would be Spiderman, as I find the 94 cartoon series to be a real guilty pleasure. It's excellent turn your brain off entertainment, at least for me.

But I just now realized something, and I'm pretty embarrassed that I never picked it out before: Black Cat's mask sucks. It covers maybe two square inches of her face total. Spiderman's mask covers sodding everything, but her mask doesn't do jack squat. Mr. Incredible's mask was better!

Man, I've gotta stop blogging so late at night. My brain can't function at this time of night.
I eagerly await the bombardment of comic nerds to correct me. Come at me bro!

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