Friday, July 15, 2016

Once again I've been proven correct

Day in and day out I hear people screeing for gun control, how that's the only way to protect us from terrorists and criminals, when in reality they have no bloody clue what they are talking about. They tout theories and ideas in the face of real events flatly proving them wrong to the point that it's comical. France was once touted as an ideal which Americans should aspire to: Gun Free and safe! Except now terrorists are rampaging regularly there. There aren't any major gun vendors there. No Second Amendment. No outlets or firearm training grounds. And yet scum-of-the-Earth terrorists are still finding firearms to carry out their massacres.

I've also more than once said here and in person that even if terrorists were somehow denied the use of firearms they'd simply use something else. I've more than once mentioned that using a vehicle in a crowd would cause far more casualties than a firearm. Cars are incredibly powerful and much more difficult to stop. And wouldn't you know it? A terrorist used a car in a parade to run over more than 84 peaceful people in France whilst shooting out a window. Honestly, the firearm was irrelevant in this case. It's bloody hard to shoot one handed while driving. But the car itself was more effective here than even a bomb would have been.

With 84 people dead and many more wounded, this might inspire others to follow suit. Copycat terrorists will realize that a car has a lot more protection. It's a weapon and escape route all in one! Expect more crap like this in the near future.

Sometimes I really hate being right. I truly do. Because when I predict stuff like this it inevitably happens and I'm left shaking my head, wishing that I was wrong. But the writing is on the wall and apparently I'm one of the few people that can read.

Pray for the people of France. They will see MUCH more of this. And frankly, so will the rest of us.

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