Friday, July 1, 2016

Next book: Primal Frontier: The Kapar's Mark

Okay, been pretty silent on book status as of late, but fret not adoring fans! All two of you! For I've been hard at work chiseling away at my next book which I'm confident will blow all prior ones out of the water. For one this will be my first full sized novel. Second, I have an amazing friend acting as an editor helping me. Said friend will help ferret out problems in my book with the same ruthlessness and tenacity as a Spanish Inquisitor. While I love the books I've written, there are so many problems in them that I wish I'd spotted before.

But fret not, for with this newfound help and my ever sharpening skill set this next book will be awesome.

For a synopsis, this time our intrepid hero Ansgar Tapio, the mighty hunter of dinosaurs on the Wild Continent, now undergoes a more personal journey to a mysterious island to hunt a kaprosuchus. This is an expedition story with lots of traveling, meeting primitive tribes, minor warfare and lots of brushes with deadly wildlife. So if you're a fan of H. Rider Haggard stories you'll probably like this one. I do try to keep the pace up though, so worry not if you dread exhausting passages just talking about going from Point A to B.

I'm also introducing some new characters to help liven things up. As a note for stories much further down the line, I will have some exclusively featuring other characters. For those of you who liked Zanji in my first book, Hunter from the Red Hills, she'll have some stories where it's just her kicking butt and exploring the world.

Anyway, back to this story, The Kapar's Mark, this island we're visiting is a cross between prehistoric North Africa and South America. Reptiles dominate this place and crocodiles are everywhere. Honestly, prehistoric crocs don't get the love they deserve. T-Rex always steals the spotlight, but not this time!

This story is still months out as the editing process will take a lot of time, but I'll get it churned out soon enough. In the meantime I'm also going to start working on the first entry of my upcoming steampunk! Keep tuned for details on that one.

Eccentric Cowboy out!

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