Monday, June 13, 2016

Terrorists and Vultures

Dang it. The minute I return from a glorious vacation and I come back to this mess. Just like every human being in the world that possesses a soul, I felt loathing and rage at hearing about the hideous atrocity that had taken place in Orlando. I differed slightly from many people however in that I wasn't surprised. ISIS has been upping its recruiting efforts to anyone they can find and my only surprise was that this didn't happened sooner here. Seriously, after Paris and other attacks with ISIS saying that they're coming after the United States next and want to do nothing short of annihilate us, most people just thought they were throwing a hissy fit. Of course this was going to happen.

The fact that it happened at a gay bar doesn't shock me either. Fun fact Social Justice Warriors: Islam loathes homosexuality with a passion. So with the current administration doing frak all to try and keep an eye on Islam extremists within our own borders and keeping other extremists out, this was an inevitability. My heart goes out to those who suffered from this act of evil. Despite the popular trope of the homophobic Christian, I actually care about them deeply. After all, they are God's children like the rest of us. I try to follow the example of Jesus who showed love for all without any conditions whatsoever. They didn't deserve this. Nobody deserved this.

This piece of excrement disguised as a human being openly and willingly committed an act of unvarnished evil. I don't envy the judgement he will receive in the afterlife. I will give props to some of the Muslims here though for coming right out and condemning this man for his acts of evil. They don't like ISIS members any more than us normal people do, and good for them.

But what disgusts me even more? Before the bodies of these innocent men and women were even cold the anti-gunners came out of the woodwork, circling the carnage like vultures to take advantage of the tragedy for their own political gains. Yes, I'm looking at you Hillary the Hutt. Every time a group of people gets massacred by some freak, these people without conscience or honor swoop down to use these acts of evil as a hammer to ram their own agenda through. They couldn't even wait one week out of respect for the dead before calling out for action. They couldn't even wait for the blood to dry.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Gun control doesn't do jack spit for these sorts of things. Another Assault Weapons Ban would do nothing. No gun confiscations or gun-free zones would have helped one iota. Most of the AK-47s in Afghanistan weren't imported but made right there in the midst of the conflict inside garages with hand tools. Also it was another man with a gun present that actually slowed this evil man down. The minute the terrorist received return fire he bolted into a bathroom for cover. What if he hadn't come along? How many more would be dead? But no, the solution is clearly to disarm even more people and leave them even more vulnerable. Save the sheep by locking up the sheep dogs and tearing down the fences. That'll teach the wolves.

Let's just magically imagine that somehow we could employ effective gun control. Somehow the hundreds of millions of rifles, shotguns and pistols in the US were confiscated and nothing was left. Do you really think that would've stopped this guy? I mean it's not like he could've used something else like a machete and gone happily a-chopping away in a crowded club.
Or used an axe.
Or made a chlorine bomb.
Or blocked the exits and started lobbing Molotov cocktails through the windows.
Or made some kitchen explosives and rolled them into the midst of the dancers.
Or hijacked a fuel truck and rammed it through the front doors with a flaming rag in the gas tank.
Or gotten a few other extremist friends together with kitchen knives and gone Michael Meyers.

Simply put, these terrorists are NOT going away. They hate us and want to kill us. They don't care if we try to make friends. They aren't going to vanish if we change slightly. ISIS believes they are endowed by Allah to kill all infidels and to bring about the Apocalypse. They want to start a war. They want to commit horrible atrocities. You can't talk these guys out of it. The only option is to fight them wherever they crop up. It's time to stop cowering like Eloi and take the fight to them. Anytime one of them tries something here every person in the vicinity should pick up any hard object in reach and rush the monsters and beat them into piles of jelly. Armed or not, we should make sure that anytime they want to commit another massacre they know it's a one way ticket.

Disarming Americans won't stop evil. It won't even slow them down. It only gives them easier targets. Notice how there haven't been a whole lot of terrorist attacks in Texas where even the toddlers are armed. Or Montana. Or Oregon. Oh I'm sure ISIS will try, but they won't get very far.

Evil will never fully go away. It crops up in different forms and under different names. The solution isn't to debate with evil or negotiate. The only way to deal with evil is to fight it without hesitation. No matter where you are, you can always fight back. Learn how to do so. Conviction and a fighting spirit is worth far more than an unmotivated man with a machine gun. So wherever you are, arm up, buckle down, and get ready to fight. Evil is coming, and it won't spare you. ISIS believes it can win and they aren't going to stop.

I'm not going to debate about the complex political situations in the Middle East. I offer no solutions because I don't believe any simple one exists. It's a mess over there and I have no illusions that it can be dealt with easily. They've been having conflicts for centuries. I consider myself an intellectual, but when it comes to people trying to murder others my thin veneer of civilization fades and I fall back to caveman instincts. If these buggers are trying to kill us, kill them back. Might not solve every problem, but it'll mitigate at least one. I don't care if this sounds harsh or cruel. If someone pulls a gun on me I'm going to pull mine. Survival doesn't care about feelings.

And to you soulless cowards who are exploiting this massacre for political gain, stop being friends to terrorism. Stop using the blood of the innocent to sign your names on new laws and regulations. And stop trying to hand-wave the threat away for political correctness. Burying your head in the sand won't save anyone. ISIS is flat out evil. Stop giving me that crap about how not all Muslims are evil. Everyone and their dog knows that. That's why we're saying we should fight ISIS, not Islam you frigging idiots. Your fear of over generalization is only empowering the evil men who are killing other Muslims and everyone else under the sun. So while you're worried that innocent Muslims will get hurt, innocent Muslims are getting hurt by not-so-innocent Muslims. Morons.

Keep those who are peaceful in your prayers. Keep those who are evil in your gun sights. Eccentric Cowboy out.

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