Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New book cover! Heck. Yes.

Remember how I mentioned getting a new book cover for my upcoming story? Well, check this sucker out.

Primal Frontier: Shaman of Dread by Rodrigo-Vega
Look at it for long enough and your testosterone levels will steadily rise.

Bask in its glory and weep bitter tears of envy, mortals! This thing was worth every penny paid and more. I was able to contact and commission the fantastic Rodrigo Vega and boy has he delivered. His gritty style fits the Primal Frontier theme perfectly. So get ready for Shaman of Dread, hopefully released on the Amazon Kindle on March 31st!

And check out Mr. Vega's DA page. Behold the might of his gallery! http://rodrigo-vega.deviantart.com/

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