Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Newest Tarzan Movie

Well, it's no secret that I love the original ERB Tarzan stories. They were my youthful alternative to drugs. I could get sucked away into those stories, whisked off to the jungles of Africa as the ape man tore his enemies apart with his teeth, hands and knife. There is a reason he is still popular even today. I don't think that he has held up quite as well in movies. I confess I've only seen the Disney incarnation. At first I didn't like it much since he didn't tear anyone's arms off. Book Tarzan would have killed all those guys on the boat inside of a minute if he was taking his time. But once I got over that and realized as an adult that it was more of a character study I really warmed up to it and enjoy it.

I'm not sure how the other movies held up. Something tells me instinctively to be cautious. This newest incarnation makes me curious. It looks like it might finally be the gritty Tarzan story many of us have wanted. Maybe. The CGI is pretty obvious and the trailer looks like it's trying to be way more epic than it necessarily should. Who knows though? They clearly aren't following the book plot, which is probably for the best, but if they have a new plot that supports the things in this trailer then it could very well be pretty darned epic.

I like the costumes and attire everyone has. It feels very period accurate and helps suck me in. Seeing men with pith helmets and Henry-Martini rifles or Lee Enfields really helps me suspend my disbelief and I love that they have a huge paddle-boat chugging up river. The book I'm writing right now has that! Okay, yes, I know that they aren't equipped with the rifles I said, but whoever edited the trailer was inconsiderate and didn't think to offer better angles for me to identify their weapons. I'll have to wait for IMFDB to help out with that.

The gal playing Jane just might be able to pull this off. I know she's a model that has only recently gotten into acting so I'm not sure how she'll do. I mean she certainly has the looks to be Jane! Whew! And the guy playing Tarzan? He needs more of a tan, but good grief, this guy is jacked! He looks like he could bend a railroad spike in half with his hands, jeez. He must have been spending some serious time at the gym.

I detect some early warning signs just from how the trailer is designed but I am keeping my fingers crossed. This just might be the Tarzan movie I've been wanting for awhile now. It certainly isn't going to be a sissy kiddy movie. We just might get something just as brutal and harsh as the original book. If they capture the core of Tarzan's character and deliver a simple but action-packed story we might be okay!

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