Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Brief Update

Sorry folks for the lack of action here. Crazy Town has gotten crazier, but for the better. I just got myself a brand-spanking new computer powerful enough to handle Fallout 4 when it arrives, which has me all sorts of excited! I'm now indulging in games my system wasn't powerful enough to handle before, and it is FUN! :D

On the downside, I've had to reinstall ALL of my old programs, which means writing has been stalled. I'm in the midst of editing another Primal Frontier story, and right after that a horror western which I think you all will enjoy quite a bit. :)

After that it's onto finishing up some other stories I've left unfinished, and then making some new ones! I've got other horror and weird westerns on the brain and am hoping to begin work on a steampunk series, The Xenogenesis Chronicles, so stay tuned!

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