Sunday, August 30, 2015

Should I rewrite Red Hills?

Back in Febuary when I released my first book, Hunter from the Red Hills, I had actually gone through an entire rewrite. The first draft wasn't terrible, but it just didn't hold up. The rewrite had a completely different plot, and I absolutely loved the shift in gears.

However, having read so much more about writing and gotten better, I almost feel like this particular book is a disservice. There are mistakes even in the beginning that I wasn't able to weed out during the editing process. Now they stick out to me like a sore thumb. There's so much streamlining I can do to make it shine!

But I don't know if in doing so I'll keep myself bogged down or upset those who enjoy it already. I don't want to rewrite the entire thing again. But I would like to streamline some of the paragraphs, edit some of the clutter, and snipe the few misused words that I somehow missed during the first editing campaign.

It's usually a no-no to go back and change something like this once it's been published. For many authors it bogs them down and creates problems. But at the same time I'm worried that with the mistakes that hit people front and center in the beginning of the book will drive away some potential readers. Should I expect them to get past those mistakes on the logic that it gets way better after? Or should I go back and prune it?

Anyone who has read this and can deliver an honest opinion on the matter would be most appreciated!

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