Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Deforestation Reversal

I came across this article quite by accident and while I haven't dug into it too deeply with cross-referenced information, I none the less find it most interesting and very uplifting!


According to this the dumping of orange peels in a desolate lot over the course of over a decade resulted in an absolutely remarkable reversal in deforestation! As a lover of nature I find this to be absolutely fascinating as well as wonderful! Rainforest is historically quite vulnerable to fixing itself back up once the initial trees have been cut down. In India deforested areas are swiftly replaced by legions of nasty thorns. Hardly a fitting plant worthy of gorgeous rainforest.

But this may provide an impetus to reverse such dreadful destruction. Now I don't give a single hoot about global warming. I think it's an elaborate scam. But I am entirely in favor of conserving and even rebuilding nature! If this is explored further and taken down to a science we could once again have flourishing forests and jungles that we previously tore down. Imagine rejuvenating the landscapes of the Amazon, North America, India, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Africa, and others! And just as importantly give homes to wildlife species that are struggling.

I'm all for genuine and healthy sustainability that doesn't kick humanity in the groin. If this is utilized correctly it could be a boon for both man and nature, making good use of our waste and rebuilding our beautiful planet for us and other life.


  1. I don't think environmentalists realize how tough Mother Nature really is.

    1. Indeed! She's been around for roughly 3.5 billion years. I think she's got this thing down.