Sunday, March 19, 2017

Samurai Jack Is Back!

Not many kids cartoons, or even adult shows, can compare to the amazing Cartoon Network original Samurai Jack. Almost unrivaled in imagination and creativity, it has stood proudly among cartoons as one of the most lasting and beloved series out there. It had humor, drama, horror, spectacular action and some serious heavyweight characters. Jack himself is a quintessential pulp character, a jack of all trades adventurer traveling the span and scope of a bizarre world to return to the past. His arch nemesis, Aku, voiced by the legendary Mako, stands as one of the coolest villains ever. With his hacksaw laugh, flaming eyebrows and surprisingly wide array of emotions and abilities, he is a worthy adversary and a hugely fun baddie. He runs the gamut from being a terrifying villain unleashing horrible destruction upon the realm of mortals to being a petty trickster, content to simply taunt and humiliate. He is scary and funny all at the same time.

The scope of the world here is some of the most diverse I have ever seen in any form of fiction. The artists and creators seemingly were given a carte blanche and told to go wild on whatever they wanted. Working on this setting must have been a creator's wet dream. There are seemingly no limits. There is magic, demonic entities, cyborgs, scifi, steampunk, western elements, aliens, robots, monsters, and everything in between. It has more diversity and imagination than a miniature golf course and much more action. While simplistic the art style is very vivid and distinct. It can't be mistaken for anything else. In fact, it was so good that the makers were drafted by Lucas for some of the Clone Wars cartoons, and it shows.

Sadly, even that couldn't save it from cancellation after four seasons. It was never truly finished. Until now. From the grave Samurai Jack has been resurrected, giving us a chance at finishing the epic that was started so long ago. We are now granted a steady stream of episodes, and we may finally see the climax of the running saga.

Sadly the original voice actor of Aku has passed, and it will be difficult to find a truly worthy replacement. It also seems to be taking a more consistent dark tone, as Jack is now haunted by visions of his family and homeland. It's been fifty years and yet age does not tell on his body. His mind however seems to be bending under the weight of constant fighting and failure. And a dazzling array of new enemies are now set before him, most notably The Daughters of Aku, a cultish sect of women dedicated to the evil shapeshifter.

Will the story at last be brought to a close? Will it match its earlier works? I don't know but I'm ecstatic to find out! Check the link below to see the first episode!


  1. The world of Samurai Jack always reminded me of Howard's Hyborian Age which is made up of elements of different times and places (and genres) for the sword-swinging hero to have adventures in.

  2. And of course it was attacked by social justice warriors...

    1. This is heresy! Heresy I say! Guardians of the Galaxy, MHI, and now Samurai Jack? Is there nothing which they can possibly enjoy?

      There is simply no pleasing the SJW's. You make a Caucasian character and they complain that you're being a white supremacist. You use a different type of character and they claim you're misrepresenting it or culturally appropriating it.

      Sigh. I should be outraged, but instead I feel pity for these people. It's self inflicted harm, twisting themselves to find fault with anything and everything good or interesting. That can't be fun. But hey! That just means we can enjoy it that much more!