Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Writing status and update

Been a little quiet here as of late. I just got done moving to another state and have spent the last few days without internet access. Yikes! Trying hard to find a new job that doesn't suck, and planning on how to deal with a winter that actually involves this cold white stuff that I heard falls from the sky. Not sure if I buy it, but it's best to take precautions regardless.

In the meantime, I'm hard at work trying to edit my latest book and first actual novel Primal Frontier: The Kapar's Mark. Check out the awesome custom cover!

The summary of this story is that our intrepid adrenaline junky has gotten bored with the local fare, but his interest is sparked by tales of an unnaturally dangerous beast lurking in the steaming jungles of a giant island far to the south. The interior of this island has never before been penetrated by white men and peril lurks behind every rock and tree. But not being one to let danger stop him from finding even more danger, he charters a steamship to travel up one of the massive rivers to explore the mysterious interior to go on one of the deadliest hunts of his entire career.

At this time of editing, I'm almost edging past 100K words, easily my biggest book to date. If you liked my earlier stories, you will love this one. Unlike the others I'm stocking us with a much larger cast of hopefully compelling characters and some themes that I think are pretty darned interesting. Ideas like spirit animals, motivations for doing things in life, what truly constitutes bravery and strong will are all things I'm exploring this time around. A little bit of philisophical spice to add some food for thought. But don't worry, there will be loads of action, obligatory fights with monsters and hostile tribes and other cool characters that can hold their own.

This is also the first book I'm having editing help on, and thank Odin, because that will really polish this story up. I'll try to have it out by December, so keep your eyes peeled!

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