Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Woman of My Dreams

Dear gentle readers, last night was an experience I'll never forget, for it was when I met the woman of my dreams. It sounds fanciful, I know, but what I say is absolutely true!

I don't recall where we were or even what we were doing, but somehow we just clicked. She was gorgeous. She had a face that smote every man upon his heart and none could hope to resist. Her laugh was like the ringing of a bell. Looking into her eyes you could feel yourself swept up in bliss. For reasons I'll never know, she chose me as the object of her affections. Under her gentle caresses I melted like butter. Her smile tamed my wild heart and at a gesture I was a slave to her every whim. I was adrift on a sea of euphoria without a single worry imaginable. It was a wonderful time which words can never fully capture.

But then Reality stepped in and I woke up. If I weren't a God fearing man I can only imagine the profanity that would have spilled from my mouth when I realized that my subconscious had been screwing with me. Sadistic p***k. Sigh. Well, time for me to Declare War on my own brain.

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