Sunday, June 7, 2015

Primal Frontier: The Stalkers in the Storm

Guess who just released a second book? This guy! You can take a look here:

You may notice that the book cover is the same, just with different text. Well, I spent a pretty penny for this awesome background art, and I'm not about to use it once and then leave it in the dust. I'm really proud of this thing!

Anyway, details on the book. Here's the blurb for the plot:
Life on Magna Terra is hard no matter where you are. Whether it be inside a prim city on Kasavira or a frontier town, one has to be prepared to deal with problems that arise. But sometimes no amount of preparation can save someone from big trouble.
After becoming lost in a monstrous storm, Ansgar Tapio, the hunter of dinosaurs and explorer, is chased into a cave for shelter. But as he becomes accustomed to his haven, he finds that it is far from natural. As he proceeds deeper into the cave he travels into the heart of the mountain and discovers a secret that might cost him his life, or worse: His sanity. Can he escape the underground nightmare with his body and mind intact?

I'm actually rather proud of this one, although this was one of the first Primal Frontier stories I ever wrote and it required a lot of cleaning up. Even so I had a lot of fun making this one back in the day. This one definitely has a more Lovecraftian vibe than REH, and I actually got the inspiration for it while playing Red Dead Redemption and found myself in the midst of a killer rainstorm. I loved the feeling of riding through the gloom, unable to see and thought it would be a great start for a spooky story. Looks like I was right!

And since for some reason Amazon isn't listing the total word count or give a page estimate, I'll give it here.
The total word count is 20,048 words, an averaged sized novella.
I estimate that the page count should be around 120 pages on the Kindle, give or take a few.

Well, I hope that you all have fun with this release! Look forward for more, cuz I have more coming! I hope you like beast master type characters. ;)

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