Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hello Inspiration, come right in!

Most of the ideas that I come up with are slowly molded over a long period of time. I'll come up with tiny idea and research the crap out related subjects, allowing it to develop and be refined until I get a solid, coherent idea. That's how Primal Frontier came along, and that one took a good while to form.

Last week however inspiration formed almost overnight. Being an unapologetic nerd, I'm interested with things that are a bit off of the wall, so it was only a matter of time before I got interesting in Steampunk. No, I haven't taken to wearing overly complicated gadgetry, but it sure does look fun!

Anyway, I began thinking about how I could do another series based in a Steampunk setting and how it all would work. My first obstacle is that I can't help but have technology make some sort of sense, and a lot of Steampunk stuff is... well... just gonna say it, confusing and random. Not that I mind terribly, but when I make something I'm wired to have it make some level of sense.

Then one night last week I sat up in bed as inspiration struck after only a few weeks, and so strong were the technology developments in my head that I had to hop out of my bed and write them down. The very next day at work I somehow developed a very deep, complex and fascinating setting that seemed awesome. I ran it passed one of my compatriots who swiftly found the concept compelling and had a great deal of potential. Then I ran the technology aspect passed another friend of mine, and to protect the innocent, shall simply call Waldo.

Waldo is amazing with internal mechanics but when he looks at Steampunk stuff his head hurts, because it makes almost no sense to him. However, running my concept past him almost instantly sparked his imagination because it was not only practical, but something he hadn't seen before and made sense. Coming from him, that is a very good sign! We very quickly began talking about ways to refine it and got around to talking about nuclear power systems. Now that is fun!

The thing is still in its infancy and needs a heck of a lot of work done to get it anywhere near ready for writing, but keep your eyes open. Sooner or later, I'm going to be writing some Steampunk stories lads!

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